Does High Blood Pressure Cause Headaches?

Constant headache high blood pressure
Can high blood pressure lead to headaches?.

Overview of high blood pressure

High Blood pressure is a common disease. But how does High Blood Pressure causes headaches? It generally develops over the course of several years. Usually, it didn’t show any symptoms. But, even without symptoms, high blood pressure or hypertension can cause damage to your Atherosclerosis(a disease of the arteries caused by fatty material, on the inside walls of the blood vessels, heart disease, kidney Disease, stroke & eye disease.

Early detection can control the risks factor of high blood pressure. In fact, since the guidelines of the U.S government changed, it’s expected that nearly half of American adults will now be diagnosed with this condition. 

Constant headache due to high blood pressure

Can high blood pressure lead to headaches?

Headaches typically occur on both sides of the head due to high blood pressure. It often gets worse with physical activity. High Blood pressure headaches are not only painful & even more debilitating. 

These headaches may be your first symptom that you have high blood pressure or hypertension. Or it can be possible because hypertension is not well controlled.

How to treat a headache 

If you do get them, those headaches seek fast relief. However you have been diagnosed with hypertension it’s important to be mindful of which treatment you choose. Typically high blood pressure headaches tend to come during a hypertensive crisis. Which is defined as blood pressure over 180/120 mm Hg. This can also lead to you having a nosebleed or feeling generally ill.

The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recommend these steps if you have a hypertension headache due to a hypertensive crisis. 

  • Check your blood pressure if you suspect you have a hypertensive crisis.
  • If it is over 180/120 mm Hg, rest for 5 minutes.
  • Take your blood pressure again.
  • If it is still over 180/120 mm Hg, You should consult the doctor.

Without quick action to lower your blood pressure, a hypertensive crisis can lead to permanent target organ damage, such as to your brain, heart, and kidneys.

There are many different foods & oils that may be beneficial in maintaining a normal blood pressure. They include anti-inflammatories, whole grains, essential oils, and reduced caffeine.

1- Anti-inflammatory

There are natural ways to treat headaches at home, by adding certain foods to your diet. Anti-inflammatory agents generally are all foods that will reduce inflammation in your body and improve circulation. These anti-inflammatories include:

  1. Celery
  2. Beets
  3. Blueberries
  4. Flax-seeds

2-Whole grains

Eating whole grains is always a good idea. However, make sure to avoid white flour if you’re having a particularly nasty headache. 

3-Essential oils

Certain essential oils, such as peppermint and lavender, soothe the central nervous system.

4- Reduced Caffeine Intake

Drinking too much caffeine has been shown to increase the number of headaches you have, in addition to elevating your blood pressure.

When to see a doctor

Without a prescribed treatment & medication is the key to control your high blood pressure. If you are having frequent headaches, it’s important to determine cause & do not ignore a severe headache & any other symptoms relating to hypertension. 

If you are having these symptoms, you should call 911 for emergency medical treatment.


1- What kind of headache do you get with high blood pressure?

When the pressure in the cranium builds as a result of your blood pressure suddenly spiking up to critical levels, the result is headache which feels like migraine. This type of condition called malignant hypertension is also referred to as hypertensive crisis.

2- How do you get rid of a high blood pressure headache?

Here are the most important home remedies for high blood pressure headache:

1- Drink Water as much as possible

2- Eat food with high magnesium.

3- Limit alcohol.

4- Take proper sleep.

5- Drink more caffeine & tea.

3- How do you feel when you have high blood pressure?

In high pressure most of the time people feel pounding in their head, dizziness & headache. 

4- What does a hypertension headache mean?

Mostly this headache happens when your blood pressure reaches a danger level. At this time your blood releases a signal for an emergency. This headache generally occurs on both sides of the head.

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